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The Concierge

Gerard Gilbert

London hedge fund managers Max and Harry specialise in acquiring artefacts that promise to hold their value against inflation, all for a tidy profit. But this time, when they receive a request to track down a rare, stolen and priceless diamond by a mysterious Middle Eastern billionaire, they quickly discover that this job may not be as easy as they thought. Max and Harry will have to decide if this job is really worth the money.


Gerard Gilbert has penned a brilliant, fast-paced thriller, with a plot that draws on contemporary themes of international terrorism and inequality. He delivers a diverse and compelling storyline, with shocking plot twists and realistic characters. Gilbert’s novel will pull readers into the dark heart of today’s Europe and make them wonder: is money truly the root of all evil?

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Gerard Gilbert is a journalist. From 1992 to 2016 he was a critic and feature writer for The Independent and is currently working for its online version and for the ‘I' newspaper. This is his first novel.