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Inside Edmund Carson

Tony Bury

Climb into the mind of teenager Edmund Carson and live through the horror and suffering he single-handedly creates. Following his self-righteous demand for recognition, you hurtle towards a terrifying climax that will leave you stone cold.

Brimming with hatred, venom and contempt, Edmund finds a way of exorcising these emotions in the most destructive way possible. Once he has acquired the taste for blood, it is not so easy to stop and as he turns seventeen, the urge returns and Edmund craves more attention and admiration from the world for his work. This insatiable desire for fame can only mean that things must get bigger and better, leading Edmund to cut loose again, with each act building upon the last until he reaches the horrifying grand finale.

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Tony Bury, born in 1972 in Northampton, England, has had a passion for writing songs, poems and short stories since an early age. He has been writing several children's books and screen plays as well as the Alex Keaton series of crime novels and the Edmund Carson series.