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What Might Have Been

Dorinda Sandhu

Maria is a young single woman who works at a local supermarket with her best friend, Janice. One day the handsome and charismatic Louie asks Maria out on a date. However, Louie has a bad reputation and Janice worries that her friend is heading into dangerous waters.
The day of the date arrives and all goes well. Louie is charming and attentive, and soon Maria finds herself falling for him, despite the warnings from her best friend.
Notwithstanding the warnings, Maria enters into a relationship with Louie, and for a while they are happy. But Louie runs with a pretty shady crowd. The smooth and sinister Frank appears on the scene, and events take a dramatic and harrowing turn...

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Dorinda Sandhu is a fifty-eight year old mother of four, and grandmother to two.
Her writing experience until now has been in magazines. She had her own column in The Limited Addition magazine, where she wrote about health and beauty, before turning her attention to parenting advice where she wrote articles on potty training and fussy eating. She has also written articles which have been featured in The Woman Magazine.