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A Year in Flip Flops

Angela Elwood

A gap year. Not unusual, but Angela Elwood is older than the average student taking a break. She has family and business responsibilities, with a lovely home and friends. Yet she has the desire to travel alone to South East Asia. Angela feels she is becoming an almost invisible middle-aged woman, with life passing her by, so this is her new challenge.

This factual account of her journey is not a traveller's guide to train and bus travel, or the best hostel to stay at, although there are useful details regarding these. It is more an account of Angela's personal journey to find out about herself, beginning with the tidying up of all of her affairs before leaving, and leading into the first steps on her journey.

There are happy times, but also times when there is a feeling of not being comfortable within a country.

Further travel beckons, but there is also a need for family and friends.

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Angela Elwood is a keen photographer with a love of travel. After her twins grew up and left home, she embarked on a year of solo travel through South East Asia. She has enjoyed success in small business management and ownership, and currently shares ownership of a photographic business in Cardiff. She currently teaches English in a rural part of Thailand, returning home to the UK during Thai school holidays to catch up with family, friends and business. Find out more by visiting her at on her page on Facebook or Instagram.