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Beyond the Call of Duty

Thomas E. Lightburn

Based on true events, this is a story of love, deceit and courage. Surgeon Lieutenant Clive Drummond leaves Lorna, the woman he loves, and joins HMS Glimmer, an old ‘G’ class destroyer. He soon clashes with the captain over medical problems that affect the ship’s movements. However, these become irrelevant, when in the North Sea, Glimmer is detached from the convoy she is escorting and in dense fog, finds herself confronted with an enemy battleship. Due to electrical failure Glimmer‘s captain is unable to report the danger to the convoy. Drummond is faced with a dilemma… Somehow the enemy must be prevented from attacking the convoy. Should he, in true Nelsonian spirit, confront the enemy and sacrifice his ship, or turn away? Would any of his crew survive if he did so? Will Drummond live to see Lorna again?What should Glimmer‘s captain do? The names of the main characters and the ships have been changed to preserve privacy, but the details of one of the bravest naval actions during World War Two are real.

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Thomas E. Lightburn served twenty-two years in the medical branch of the Royal Navy, reaching the rank of Chief Petty Officer. He left the service in 1974 and obtained a Bachelors (Hons) degree at Liverpool University. After teaching for sixteen years, he volunteered for early retirement. He then began writing for The Wirral Journal and The Sea Breezes, a worldwide nautical magazine. He interviewed the late Ian Fraser, VC, ex-Lieutenant RN, and wrote an account of how he and his crew crippled the Japanese cruiser, Takao, in Singapore.

Thomas is a widower and lives in Mersyside pursuing his favourite hobbies of soccer, naval and military history, the theatre, art and travel.