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Wicked Witches, Fairies And The BIGGEST Bird In The World

Theresa Mac

Reading is fundamental to the development of children and countless research shows the links between good reading skills from an early age and future success in life.

Finding books children want to read, or authors that excite them, can be difficult. However, here the author has captured a delightful set of magical stories dedicated to boys and girls who like to read exciting tales.

Find out what the toys get up to when they come alive at night; experience an adventure with the witches who live in the woods; fly through the air in magic fairyland; check out the baby bird who kept growing and growing, and more exciting tales.

Written in a way that will not cause nightmares, they are suitable to read to younger children or ideal for a child to read on their own. The make-believe land captured by the author in this set of short stories is sure to keep your children's imagination alive.

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Theresa Mac is a retired teacher. Throughout her life, she has maintained a keen interest in human behaviour and studied psychology for a short time.

Her interest in writing began after writing short stories for her daughter, which are now published. She had a happy childhood in Glasgow and developed an interest in antiquities, art and characters after frequent visits to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, which was near her home.

She began her working life as a secretary, eventually leading to a career teaching business studies to students with varied backgrounds, which she enjoyed, increasing her interest in human behaviour and inspiring her to write these stories.