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The Somewhat Bumpy Story Of The Bath On Legs

Francine Bowden

Told from the perspective of a snooty bath on legs, we hear the charming story of two children, generations apart, brought together by a mysterious and magical bathtub that transports its occupants at the push of a button.

Lonely Rose, living in the nineteenth century, finds herself making an unexpected friend in an unexpected place – but will she find the one person she really wants?

Hundreds of years later, the rambunctious Caleb finds himself in the midst of an incredible Amazonian adventure – but who is Marco? Who is the stranger? And can they save the rainforest?

Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


I am a school teacher whose true love is reading and writing. I started this story in 2010, adding little snippets as ideas popped in my head like fizzing candy! I am from Devon and currently based here. I feel very lucky to be surrounded by green hills and the sounds of pheasants and chickens – the quintessential country life!

Outside of writing I enjoy spending time with my wonderful friends and family and visiting new places. You may spy my fascination with the rainforest – I spent a little time in the Amazon and it was one of the most extraordinary experiences. I hope as you read my story, you may too be inspired to get writing. Those 26 little letters of our alphabet can be the start of something rather special.