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The Quest of Snorrie Magnus

Rachael Lindsay

Snorrie Magnus is an unusual troll in many ways, not least because he has two heads, which don’t always agree! One thing they do have in common though is a love of adventure, and recounting these experiences to their friends. On this adventure Snorrie Magnus and his pet frog, Herpet, find themselves at the castle of the King of Trolls, who has mysteriously lost his voice. Everyone is extremely upset by this, and it falls to Snorrie Magnus to discover why and find out how to get it back. His mission leads him to encounter various deadly foes, from Queen Faerie to Miasma the mermaid and Ormarr the Oderiferous, and to search out the beautiful and powerful Flamoo-Bloo that was taken from the trolls long ago. Will Snorrie Magnus survive his quest and will the King ever speak again?

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I used to teach all ages - for ages - but it became too serious and rather sensible... I prefer walking my three pygmy goats on leads, feeding them with blackberry brambles and acorns. And making my cats sing. Don't you just love stamping in frozen puddles? The windy top of a high hill? The smell of a garden bonfire? Have you tried eating strawberries with white pepper? And sucking snapped off icicles? Do you love the moon on a deep black night? And rainbow bubbles? I do. Do you love listening to, reading or writing stories? Wonderful! So do I.