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Fred Field Mouse - Adventures From The Hedge

Paul Kitts

Fred Field Mouse has a stammer, brought on by the death of his father. He struggles to keep up with the banter from his siblings, however, he is just beginning to look beyond the boundaries of his home. Despite his mum giving him warnings and advice to not venture too far, Fred ignores his mum's words and goes forth.

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Paul Kitts is an up and coming author of children's books. His books are designed to deal with a variety of issues that affect families, parents, and children. Through engaging stories, Paul seeks to create opportunities for children to talk through such issues as loss, depression, divorce, disability and friendship. Through such conversations it can allow children to grow and develop as stronger people. This is something that has been a fundamental issue affecting Paul throughout his younger life and the importance of creating such opportunities is close to his heart.
Paul is a retired teacher from Bolton and proud father to two teenage children. His writing is a channel to help others as well as being a release from his cerebral palsy and depression.