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T.G.W. Becker

Drake is a young thief who has lived by his wits for years, dodging the law and stealing to survive. When he grabs a particular shiny item, the shop owner's daughter gives chase to the golden-eyed thief, not knowing the true value of the trinket. Or its power.
Nethalie is half elf, and has been helping her father run his shop since her mother died. She always felt there was more for her out in the world, so with a little urging she sets off after the mysterious young thief.
Zeek was a dragon, perhaps the greatest of them all, until they were hunted to extinction by the dark forces of the Shadow Realm, and Zeek's essence was shattered.
There is a prophecy that a young man will reunite the six pieces of the great dragon and he will be reborn. A young man with golden eyes.

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Ecliptica is the first of a series of books written by T.G.W. Becker. Originally, he wrote the book for his wife in his spare time but, with her support, decided to see if anyone else wanted to share in the adventures. He lives in Pingewood with his family and their five cats.