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Daughters Of The Seed

Michael Brown

Just out of university, Kate had found the job of her dreams. Her new boss, Lucas, was to die for, but she didn't expect to fall head over heels in love with him and wasn't prepared for the humiliation she suffered at the hands of his business partner.

When Kate began to have nightmares of witches and their interrogators, little did she realise they were not dreams but memories of her ancestors – brought to her by an ancient seed implanted within her DNA. With the help of Lucas's computer prediction software, Kate embarked upon a virtual journey within her own mind to discover that she was descended from an ancient race whose intelligence surpassed the best minds of today.

Known as the Idaltu, the ancient race knew they were doomed to extinction at the hands of humanity. To survive, they needed Kate.

With gory details of evil atrocities performed by the witch-hunt interrogators, Daughters of the Seed is not for the faint-hearted.

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Michael Brown is a retired system design engineer and first-time author. During his career he specialised in the design and development of real-time software systems, including virtual reality (VR) systems. These included simulators in which users were totally immersed in the virtual environment, involving complex mathematical modelling of real-world scenarios and events. Some of these systems and models are used as a basis for the fiction within his first novel.