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Curse of Voltaire

Tasha Rayne

Six hundred years ago, a great battle was fought between Starly, a Diamond Summoner, and a mighty beast, the Death Dragon, controlled by Voltaire. The battle only ended when Starly and Voltaire were frozen in time, imprisoned and awaiting their chance for release.

Centuries later, Tasha Sunyn, a young girl from the planet Grancia, is sent to Earth to protect it from future threats. Her normal teenage life – trying to fit in at school, making new friends and keeping up with history lessons – is unexpectedly threatened by a school trip to a creepy old mansion.

The past meets the present, and an enemy long since sealed is reawakened...

Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


Tasha Rayne was born in Wales, moving a few times before settling in Wiltshire where she began writing, both at school and outside, as a hobby.

Having lost her dad at the age of nine, she lives with her mum and twin sister, who both have supported her throughout the years she has been writing.