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Genevieve Stinton

This story unfolds in a remote village in the spectacular Apeninne Mountains. The rich history and stunning landscape provide a backdrop for the tale of Marina, a young woman searching for a new start, escaping from the ghosts of her troubled past. After exploring other parts of Europe, following her parents' untimely death after a tragic accident, she begins to emerge from the darkness and find solace in the beauty of the Tuscan hills. When she meets a local Italian and they begin to form a strong attachment, Marina realises that this could be the place to lay down roots. She falls in love with the Italian way of life and is inspired by the work of regional artisans, as she also has a creative background. The folklore and traditions awaken her curiosity. However, Marina needs to dispel the dark spirits from her childhood, including a psychotic sister and her fascination for the Devil's Bridge.


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Jennifer Stinton, writing under the pseudonym Genevieve, is a professional musician, a flautist, who has spent her life working in London orchestras and as a soloist, touring internationally.
Since childhood, she has always had a passion for writing both prose and poetry. Genevieve won a poetry competition aged sixteen and has continued to write throughout the following years. She has travelled extensively throughout her career as a musician and is able to draw on the many experiences that have affected her during these events and episodes.
A visit to Tereglio, a mountain village in the Apennine region of Tuscany, staying with some musician friends who reside there, inspired the opening of Toscane. The many adventures she experienced in this beautiful region coloured the language and narrative of her debut novel, which she hopes will be the first of many.