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Kate Wyburn

A talented yet volatile orchestral conductor and composer meets a shy and modest amateur singer, finding her voice the perfect match for a small solo in a recording of his new work - Requiem of Life. ‘Counterpoint' relates the slow-burn love story that develops between Luke and Mary, two unusual people with vastly differing histories.
Mary, grieving the loss of her son, whom she nursed and cared for throughout his final years, feels in no position to embark on any sort of courtship, yet alone understand why on earth she could be found attractive. Luke, impatient and fraught with overwork, is drawn towards Mary's spiritual approach to dealing with stress.
Will music bring the two individuals together for good, or merely for the duration of the recording? Can they cope with the contrast in their characters? Will their individual melodies ultimately resolve into perfect counterpoint?

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Kate Wyburn attended the Royal College of Music, London, for two years. She then played the oboe in theatre orchestras and a wind quintet (as well as holding down a full-time office job) before starting a family. While raising her two children, she taught oboe for a few years but then changed to yoga teaching, after obtaining a qualification in the subject. More recently she has earned a living as a bookkeeper.
She now lives with her husband in East Anglia, where she has played a major role in caring for her mother. In her leisure time she sings in choirs as well as playing the piano.