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Orion’s Prophecy- Bloodlines Part 1

Richard Wheeler

Two sets of twins, born light years apart but connected through an ancient legend, prophecy and bloodline, are about to find out what their destiny holds. The planet Harmony has been protected for centuries by a curse placed on it and neighbouring Malice; no one can leave or enter their atmosphere. The origin of the curse was Grongor, a great evil almost destroyed by the galaxy's hero, Orion, tasked by the angels to serve and protect for most of his long life. As the evil bubbles up again in the form of his descendant, the power of Grongor is once more felt, threatening the safety of the curse and all those who benefit from it. On Earth, James is surprised by a sudden visitor, apparently not from this world. James thinks he has a secret to hide, but he is about to discover that others in his family are hiding a much bigger one...

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Richard Wheeler is an enthusiastic, energetic, first-time author. A fan of legend, sci-fi and fantasy, he has always been a fantasist, absorbed in the mystique of storytelling. This book starts a series of far-reaching mythical adventures, which reaches far beyond our world, using a centuries-old tale which unravels into our current culture and beliefs.