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The Hedgerow Diaries

Polly P. Perkins

Ever wondered if there might be something or someone living at the bottom of your garden? There are almost certainly plenty, but you might not be lucky enough to see them. There is probably a whole community! The Hedgerow Diaries tells the story of a group of industrious fairies and the exciting adventures that they have over the four seasons, with their friends, the wise elves, the brave goblins, other passing hedgerow animals, some domestic singing chickens and even one or two very lucky humans. Using their different skills and knowledge, the fairies organise, care for and entertain the local animals, turn expected enemies to friends, and help to give and save lives. Finally they are called upon to help fight off a great evil. They experience love and loss as they welcome new hedgerow folk into their lively community and say goodbye to some treasured friends.

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Polly P. Perkins is fifty-seven years old and lives near Blackpool.

The stories are inspired by her grandchildren, who suggested that she write a book about all the bedtime stories she told them.

She worked in the finance sector for over thirty years and in 2000 was diagnosed with MS. When her condition worsened, she had to quit work and it became quite therapeutic for her to write. She also drew the characters in her stories to go along with the tales.

The stories are based around her own fabulous garden and the huge willow tree in the middle of it.