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Three Flakes

Steve Rio

A visually stunning, diverse, fun-filled ride. Steve Rio invites us to share his observations on life from a variety of unique perspectives through a delightful collection of illustrated, humorous writings for all ages.

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By good fortune, my parents deposited me on a piano at the age of eight. I took to it like a duck to water. By the age of fourteen I was composing. By the time I left school I was deep into blues, jazz, reggae, funk, soul and Latin American styles. After leaving school, I qualified as a lawyer but promptly quit to pursue a musical life as a contemporary pianist, music arranger and composer.
A love of comedy led to writing comic verse, short stories and screenplays. In the wings are another four completed sequels to this book. On the screenplays, watch this space.
Inspired by my comic heroes comes a collection of observational and screwball humoured writings. I spiced them up with illustrations based on my ideas and captured by three wonderful artists.
Welcome to my zany imagination fun fair.