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The Tree of Knowledge

Gamel Abdullah

I have compiled inspirational poetry that has entered my being over time in this life experience, a journey that has brought forth wisdom by the grace and mercy of our Creator who should be praised forever. I have included poetic verses from my first book of poetry titled Read or Recite the Tree of Life.

I pray that you enjoy and are inspired by the poetic wisdom that heals my being and warms thy soul as you read The Tree of Knowledge.

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Gamel Abdullah was born on September 24, 1960 in the heart of North Philadelphia, better known as North Philly to native Philadelphians. He grew up one block from the famous Robin Hood Dell East in Fairmount Park. He was born to an African American Muslim couple, the late Nassardin and Sayeeda Abdullah. Gamel Abdullah relocated to New York City in 1994 but returned to his home town in 2000 and still resides in Philly to date.