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The Songs that No One Heard


First intended only to be sung, now only the written words remain.

This is a collection of lyrics disguised as poems, verses containing the most daring dreams of every extraordinary heart. The poems are a plethora of heart breaking stories, rich with metaphor and allegory. With the imagery of a lifetime painted in words, it speaks of the importance of dreams, without which human life is nothing more than an empty vessel.

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Burim, whose name translates to spring, well, origin, finds the source of his creativity in the depths of his boyhood memories. Inspired by various genres of literature, the author presents his emotional side and his point of view on poetry. With a bachelor's degree in classical studies and after publishing several scientific papers, he is making his literary debut with the work The Songs that No One Heard which he developed over the course of ten years. Through his lyrical, poetic and screenwriting skills, Burim strives to convey his philosophical and aesthetic thoughts to a greater number of art enthusiasts.