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Poems for The Lost, The Lonely & The Broken (Bloodied But Unbowed)

Dave Griffin

This is a collection of poetry that is written from the heart, by a bloke whose heart was broken and to help it mend he tried to write down his feelings.
This book of poems is the result.
They are for everyone that has ever loved, lost and felt broken.
They are for everyone who has ever felt alone and that no one else could possibly know what they are going through.
They are for love... because despite the pain it causes... when everything else is said and done... what is else is there?

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Dave is always the life and soul of the party, usually the last man standing and functions quite well despite hangovers, a lifetime of public service and a couple of failed marriages in his wake. He fully realises that sometimes people don't see the real him as expressed in his poetry, as it is often hidden beneath a facade of sarcasm, one liners and laughter, but he knows that that's life and the only thing one can expect is the unexpected.