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Pickerton-Lou and the Tree of Music Under the Sky of Imagination

Nikki Camilleri

Take your time and listen well,
This teller has a tale to tell.
Voicing whispers of the trees
That settle on the rustling leaves.
Hear a rhyme from an emerald wood,
Where all was more than understood,
Of how an ancient song was lost
And put to peril at the cost,
Such life and love of a creature fair,
Free as the skies in her mountain lair.
How Sun and Moon spilt stars of tears,
How a moth of the night allayed their fears.
Where a girl from a wood, with creatures too,
Put wrong to right as best they knew,
Making a flower-song to bloom
And sing its own immortal tune.
Confronting dark-light mystery
Restoring life to the Music Tree.

Come now, kind folk, sit around,
There's a story to be found.
Stories set in ancient times
Told by tellers of old rhymes,
Bringing you such fascination,
Under the Sky of Imagination.
Dream and wonder! Hear the call!
Welcome children, one and all.

.... and so we may begin.

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I consider myself very lucky to have the New Forest on my doorstep. For over twenty years, I have been able to appreciate this beautiful forest and hold it dear to my heart. I see a magic through all seasons and it is always an inspiration.

My lifelong interests have been art, literature and music, and the natural world. I am extensively travelled, having enjoyed and absorbed diverse landscapes and cultures.

I was born in 1960 in London. I attended Queen's Gate School for Girls and continued my education to achieve a B.A. Hons in fine art at Chelsea School of Art. I frequently remember all my great teachers whose encouraging words I still hear to this day.