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Pass It On (For Good Karma)

Camilia Raven

The idea for this book came together at a really transformative period in both of our lives. Victoria was coming out of a toxic five-year relationship and I was coming out of five years of toxic relationships. One evening, huddled together in the back of my Jeep Patriot, the site of genius, we started thinking about who was really to blame in heartbreak and whether revenge was ever worth it.
We're all horrible in that we do damage to each other without thoughtful consideration. We're all incredible because our forgiveness is forever elastic and no matter how many times we get our hearts broken, we will bounce back. That's human.
So, this book is for that moment right after you get horribly hurt, right up until the moment you do anything about it. We never did end up getting revenge in the conventional sense, but somehow this felt better.

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Born and raised in Montreal, Camilia and Victoria are self-proclaimed veterans of karma. Having suffered enough trials and tribulations as payment for the reckless stunts they pulled as mindless young adults, they have accumulated enough suffering to land themselves a minor role in a religious text.
"As experts in Karma, we feel qualified to share our first-world wisdom. Karma's a bitch and we learned it firsthand," says Camilia.
"Oh yeah! We were rough," agrees Victoria.
Pick up a copy today! If you don't, I'm sure you'll come around... most things do.