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No Rhyme Or Reason

Mary M

Intricately interwoven in No Rhyme or Reason we encounter the most sublime and the most mundane aspects of life. The randomness of this collection of poems reflects the poet's own chaotic workings of the mind.
There is no rhyme or reason as to the particular style or theme. Inspiration is drawn from the most unlikely of situations, in the most unlikely of places. At times inspired by ecstasy and joy, at others by being on the brink of despair, the poet takes us with her on a journey in which we ourselves can delve as deep into our own being or experience as much needed frivolous fun as we fancy.
Welcome to the world of ‘Mary, Mary, quite contrary' where nothing and nobody is what they seem. We are prompted to ask, ‘What does all this mean?'

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Mary was born in Australia, lived in Malta and finally moved to the UK, over twenty years ago, where she currently lives.

She has kept a journal of her thoughts and life experiences since the age of sixteen. Her other publication, Liberation at Long Last, by M. Mallia (XLibris © 2014), is a touching semi-autobiographical account, in novel form, of her inner journey alongside that of her mother's, inspired by her late mother's brutal suicide twenty years earlier. It depicts how despair and death are triumphantly overcome by love, faith and letting go.

Mary's love of poetry can be traced back to her secondary school days. She has previously published two volumes of poetry, A Return to the Love to the Heart of God and The Playing Fields.