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Lady Róisín’s First Poetry Book

Lady Róisín

This first eclectic collection of poems is on themes which reflect current interests and the poems are my comments, taking the reader on a journey into other perspectives.

Speaking from the heart about humanity, the effects of war, the wish for peace, the senseless loss of life, a different view of women, and the influence the natural world has upon us, will, I hope, allow you to see ordinary things from a different viewpoint.

Some are warnings, shown from the other side, calling for humanity to sit up and take notice, set amidst the beauty of the dawn and the mysteries hidden in the skies.

A voice for peace and freedom, for justice and equality, for understanding, discussion and talking to resolve issues; a voice for the future, for solutions, not anger; a voice for truth, for righting wrongs to protect and enhance all life on planet Earth.

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Throughout my life, words have been important to me, whether as a journalist, on radio, on social media, for Greenpeace or for the Green Party - all for a safe and sustainable future.

I have used my professional journalism skills to highlight happenings globally which could mean a route through climate change, a move to a peaceful revolution with the end of war and a ban on nuclear energy and fossil fuels.

I started writing poetry after a suggestion from Ann Garrett, founding core member of the famous BRIT School for actors in London, and have performed at festivals and events.