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Gleanings from My Musings and Dreams: A Bouquet of New and Selected Poems

Bimal Ghosh

In this collection of his old and new poems, Bimal Ghosh reflects upon a rich variety of topics-as he had in his previous volume, Through the Eyes of My Mind (2015).

The poems are grouped into six clusters: yearnings for a better world; self-portrait and introspection; twilight in life; death and darkness; the beauty of never-ending change; and anniversary wishes from a loving father. While the sentiments underlying these poems are intensely personal, they are also universal, as they touch the chord of common human feelings of sadness and joy, despair and ecstasy, hopes and frustrations, and anger and empathy. Consistent with their universality, they also seek to bring some solace to people in distress, and to lift up the spirits of those struggling against deprivation or injustice.

Alongside the diversity of topics, the cadence of each cluster comes together to create a harmonious symphony of human emotions and enduring truths.

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Bimal Ghosh has a long and distinguished career as an academic, an international civil servant, and a writer. He has lived and worked in all the major regions of the world and is the author of more than a dozen books and numerous articles and newspaper columns on global and humanitarian issues. His first collection of poems, Through the Eyes of My Mind, was widely acclaimed and topped the Goodreads list of the ten best poetry books in 2005.

Ghosh is an emeritus professor at Colombia's Graduate Institute of Public Administration and a senior fellow at the Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. Previously, he served for many years as a senior director/senior consultant in the United Nations system and the Council of Europe and for a number of global commissions on international and development issues. He is the recipient of several prestigious national honours for his outstanding contributions to development and global cooperation.