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Change and Rage

Jamie Bloom

Having been diagnosed with ADHD five years ago, the mist that had shrouded my life choices started lifting, to reveal a pattern through the mazes that had restrained and failed me. If only I had known earlier, I might have been able to have channelled my energies differently; but then this book would not exist. I started to reflect on the rollercoaster of my emotionally charged life. This poetry charts the ups and downs of managing iconic venues, including Madam Jo Jo's, Kensington Market, Cafe de Paris and the Rainbow Theatre during its phoenix-like rise from the ashes. This poetry was my mainstay, the tiller that kept me on course and kept my heart alive. My poems attest to my resilience, which I hope will resonate with you.


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Jamie is an entrepreneur, having owned and managed many companies in an eclectic mix of entertainment and retail areas, from restaurants and a chain of clothes shops to nightclubs and theatres across the whole of London. He currently resides in Flore, a village of flowers and flags in the heart of the Northamptonshire countryside, where he has been able to explore the interior rhythms of a lifetime spent practising and teaching the ancient martial art of Tai Chi and reflecting inwardly on his changing emotions throughout his incredible life.