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Bout Life 'N' Other S**t

Mary M

We've heard the expression s**t happens too many times. It's because it does!

'Bout Life 'N' Other S**t addresses some frightfully dreaded day-to-day struggles in verse. In Volume I Other S**t we see it manifesting, seemingly randomly under various guises and disguises. It is described coarsely at times with a directness that can shock. The author hopes that this openness inspires the reader to own theirs fearlessly with no judgement or shame, no naming and shaming, but just a gentle all-embracing acknowledging of what is.

In stark contrast 'Bout Life takes us on heart-warming magical journeys through different characters, settings and experiences. It rekindles our child-like sense of awe and wonder in the ordinary, transforming it into the extraordinary. A magic wand is waved reawakening the power of our imagination for present and future manifestation and transformation.

Ultimately, it reminds us that magic is in us and all around us.


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Mary was born in Australia, lived in Malta and finally moved to the UK, over twenty years ago, where she currently lives.

She has kept a journal of her thoughts and life experiences since the age of sixteen. Her other publication, Liberation at Long Last, by M. Mallia (XLibris © 2014), is a touching semi-autobiographical account, in novel form, of her inner journey alongside that of her mother's, inspired by her late mother's brutal suicide twenty years earlier. It depicts how despair and death are triumphantly overcome by love, faith and letting go.

Mary's love of poetry can be traced back to her secondary school days. She has previously published two volumes of poetry, A Return to the Love to the Heart of God and The Playing Fields.