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A Work In Progress

Elisha Harris

Poetry and literature often the best form of therapy and truthfully most of us need a little therapy. A Work In Progress highlights taboo topics of mental health in a unique way. With run on lines that will make your mind run places you didn't know you needed to. Love and pain often goes side by side but don't you need to experience both to know what the other is truly like?


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I would like to thank my mother who has supported me throughout my process of writing this book. I'd like to thank my aunt and nan for being there with me for the subjects of my poetry. Also, to my past therapist Diane who was the first person I revealed my poetry and experienced the magic of sharing such personal experiences. I'd like to thank the women in book club who have built me up as a person. And lastly I'd like to thank you for picking this book up you have made a dream come true.