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A Return to Love

Mary M

This is a Universal invitation to everybody's heart, mind, body and soul to return to LOVE.

In poem form, it reverberates from the Mysteries of Cosmic and Christ Consciousness, resonating with that same mystic Mystery present within each one's own Being. A Love which has sometimes been inadvertently forgotten or wilfully ignored, but which has never ceased being present, always was and always will be.

It is a Love which knows no boundaries, religions or dogma, but flows freely and directly from the Heart of God through, and to, each human and sentient being, the whole of creation and beyond!

Recognising and reconnecting to our true Divine nature frees us from the slavery of forces which want us to stay asleep. It is deeply healing and empowering.

The journey will be as individual, as each is unique.

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Mary was born in Australia, lived in Malta and finally moved to the UK twenty years ago, where she currently lives.
She has kept a journal of her thoughts and life experiences since the age of sixteen. Her other publication so far, Liberation at Long Last, by M. Mallia (XLibris 2014), is a touching semi-autobiographical account, in novel form, of her inner journey alongside that of her mother's, inspired by her late mother's brutal suicide twenty years earlier. It depicts how despair and death are triumphantly overcome by love, faith and forgiveness.
Mary's love of poetry can be traced back to her secondary school days, but she only started writing poetry herself in the last three years.