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Curse of The Mudchalk Devil

Phil Lanzon

When an inquisitive and determined young girl discovers she can see music as well as hear it, she uses this power to destroy the curse of disharmony engulfing her world.


Elin is to assist in her father's illusionist show, but the disastrous events of that night sets her on a journey that would test the stamina of any human.


Reluctantly, she accepts the persistent help of a boy from her class and they enter a wondermus, fantastical world from which they may never return the same.


Will her gift change anything?

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Phil Lanzon is a musician who writes songs and stories, forever searching the far corners of imagination to find unchartered waters. He's toured the world with his music many times and seen much of life in all its diverse, deranged, endearing dimensions. He has three children, nine grandchildren, and two GREAT granddaughters - Scarlett and Delilah. He lives at the edge of the universe in east Kent with his partner, Patina.