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The Beggar King

Peter Jones

A long time ago in a land far away
Lived an unhappy King with little to say
He was rich, he was wise and had a strong heart
He wanted a change, a brand new start
He dressed as a beggar to escape his Kingdom
To try to teach others, those who would listen
Nobody believed him, they thought him a clown
But he was the only true King around
Until one day a little boy came along
Who heard his story and liked his song
He was the only one who believed in the King
Dressed as a beggar and his fake looking ring.

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Peter Jones is an Australian - Hungarian business man, motivational speaker, singer and author and currently lives in Hungary with his 7 year old son. He is the owner of a small apartment hotel chain in Hungary, Nova, that he started with one flat and grew to several buildings. Born in Sydney and growing up there as a boy, Peter has lived in several countries like Japan, Hungary, Australia and Germany. A lot of his inspiration came from Dr Seuss and his world travels as well as his only son.