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Buying a House or Flat

Peter Glover

Peter Glover, a qualified Chartered Surveyor, who has inspected over fifty thousand properties in his career on behalf of banks or building societies in the UK has compiled a very comprehensive guide for all those who intend buying a house or a flat, in England or Wales, which will hopefully help to eliminate all the pitfalls and stumbling blocks that get in the way of a successful purchase of such properties, and causes much stress and anxiety for those trying to "go it alone".

The book covers all aspects from selecting a suitable unit in a suitable area for your needs, to a detailed analysis of how to deal with problems ranging from the roof down to floor level; difficulties encountered with regard to construction, thorny issues in respect of older houses needing renovation, dealing with municipal regulations and even legal problems that might arise.

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Peter Glover is married with two grown-up sons and two granddaughters who think that they are grown-up. He lives in a village in Buckinghamshire.