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Camu the Camel and his Big Dream

Lea Koivisto

Little Camu is a very happy camel with just two questions: why is he brown and who is his father?


Ever since he learned of his mother's racing past, he longs to try out the racetrack for himself. Her stories of the faraway village and the exciting races leave him longing for a life outside the desert, and one day he decides to find out for himself. What follows is a daring and dangerous adventure to find the village his mother left behind, and the father he has never met.


By befriending other animals along the way, he finally makes it to the village, but will his dreams of being a racing camel become a reality?


And will his dad turn out to be the racing legend Camu imagines him to be?

Paperback  |   Hardback   |   eBook


Lea Koivisto fell in love with the rich heritage and wildlife of the Middle East. She left her international business career and lives with her husband, Dr. Pentti Koivisto, in Qatar. They share together a great passion for animals and sport, and together they train racing camels.