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Join the Dots

Patrick Moffett

From Afghanistan to Johannesburg, from Libya to London, a team of highly-trained undercover operatives is engaged in a race against time.

Martin Stevens, Eleanor Watts, Nombeko Tshivhase and Lukas Shabalala work for the underground agency IA3, under the command of Sid Blackman, Thabo Madonsela and Julius Mafere. When a child-trafficking ring is exposed, this team must enlist the aid of the CIA and the local police services in a dangerous mission to unearth the ring-leaders. But the tentacles of this evil gang extend far beyond the borders of South Africa and the team's investigation leads them deeper and further than they ever believed they would go.

What is the connection to the gangs of Soweto, and how is the nefarious and powerful Imam Abed Al-Kumein involved? What is one of the largest investment banks in South Africa's role and who is the mysterious hacker, Vladimir Al-Masri?

What is the most you would do, to halt the malevolent actions of powerful people? How many dots would you join, when they led you into unspeakable horrors and danger?

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Following a highly successful 35-year career in the IT industry, Patrick ditched his corporate life in the big city in exchange for a house in a coastal forest and followed his lifelong dream of writing a novel.  Patrick lives with his wife of 47 years, two chows and an inherited poodle. In between penning his latest violent thriller, he enjoys the somewhat more peaceful company of his four adult children and eleven grandchildren.