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St Chinian University Comes of Age

Patrick Masterson

The French university of St Chinian has an unusual and somewhat controversial student population. Although there are the typical young undergraduates, the majority are mature, part-time students, keen to indulge in the academic and social aspects of university life, post-retirement. Growing tensions between the disparate groups reach a head when it comes time to elect a new president of the student union. With a candidate from each group - undergraduate, Yves Leroy, and mature student, Lotti Beausang, plus an unexpected third rival, the mysterious Alex Denton - the campaigns take the campus by storm. Staff and students alike come together to support their chosen candidate, often with ulterior motives of their own, and battle for victory. Who will be declared the winner, and what consequences will this produce for the university as a whole?

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As Professor of Philosophy at University College Dublin, Patrick Masterson enjoyed teaching both young full-time and mature part-time students. As president of both University College Dublin and, later, the European University Institute in Florence, he acquired broad, first-hand, and practical experience of issues that can convulse the tranquillity of the groves of academe! Besides his many academic publications, St Chinian University Comes of Age is his second novel. He spends his time now between Dublin and a village close-by St Chinian in France.