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C for Cat (Ceefor)

Pat Jones

Set in and around a rural village in Spain, this is a lovely simple story of a little girl called Lucy, who falls in love with a feral cat, she names "Ceefor".
It is a story of how Lucy worked out how the word "trust" plays a big part in her life. Such a little word "trust" which she learns holds a big responsibility. But before she can find out who to trust, Lucy, aged ten, has kept a secret.
So how do you teach a feral cat what love is? What trust is?
How did Ginge the poor toothless cat learn to trust, then equally learn not to. And when do you realise that trust is something that is earned not taken?
When do you learn to let go, that freedom cannot be owned?
Can Lucy work it out, can Ceefor work it out?

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I was born in Uxbridge, Middlesex and at the age of two was taken to Wales
where I grew up.
Upon leaving school I completed a secretarial course, and once married, moved to Southport. I had three sons and worked for many years as a secretary in a school for autistic children. But, after my eldest son died two years after a heart and lung transplant, I retired and went back to study, doing sociology, law and A level psychology.
Having lived periodically in Spain, I have always been deeply affected by the plight of abandoned and ill-treatment of animals. Hopefully this book in parts reflects that.