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There is None So Queer as Folks

Joan McCrory

A bunch of village busybodies concoct a story about a murder.

A family find their Cornwall holiday home invaded by spooks.

Mary - a nurse - replies to a job advert that will change her life.

Pegs the Labrador becomes surrogate mother to an abandoned baby hedgehog.


A long-suffering husband who finally plucks up the courage to ask his cleaning-obsessed wife for a divorce.

A long-forgotten village is invaded by mysterious sea creatures.


On a cruise from Australia, two young women make an unlikely friendship.

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I was born in Portadown, Northern Ireland and entered the Nursing Profession qualifying as a State Registered Nurse.
After seeing a baby being born, I knew that Midwifery was for me, so travelled to Sheffield and Croydon to train. On qualifying, I practiced Midwifery throughout the country, finally arriving in Cay Maternity, Warneford Hospital Royal Leamington Spa, as a Midwifery Sister.
Eighteen months later saw me travelling to Australia to work, travel and camp throughout this massive continent before returning to Cay Maternity.
I later retired to Cornwall to enjoy the climate and to walk, play golf and Bridge.