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Sandra Dosdall

Only a select few can remember their own birth, learn a new language in the space of a lunch hour, or speak to the dead; She is one of them. She is an extraordinary child with a huge heart and wisdom that goes beyond anything that most adult minds can comprehend.
Circumstance takes Her and her family on a journey far from everything She knows; there She tries to adapt to a new life. She soon meets Mary Mack, a confidant; who takes a special interest in Her. She's aware that She is different from other children, but little does She know that greater powers are at play, conspiring to keep Her safe in what turns out to be a very turbulent time in Her life.
She was sent to save Mother Earth; Her protectors will ensure Her safe passage to maturity, in which time She will fulfill God's plan for a new world.

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Sandra Dosdall is a proud mother of three, dedicated wife and an established business figure. Producing a published work has always been an aspiration and she is elated to be on this path. Mentored by some of the best literary minds, Sandra invites you to join her on Her dramatic journey.