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J.C. Smith

Sent to be a housemaid to work off her father's debts, Grace thought life had dealt her a bad hand already. Yet when her master's attentions end in sadism and pregnancy, her life is changed forever. He thinks he can banish her to a convent, little suspecting that, when her baby boy is torn from her heart, Grace has filled it with iron.

What Grace little suspects is that revenge is only the beginning. Are her dressmaking skills enough for her to survive on the run? She has seen so little of the world outside the Manor, even money is new to her. Above all, who will understand about the baby she yearns to search for, and where could he be now, anyway?

Graphically portraying the meaning of revenge, J. C. Smith's Girl is a journey from violation to revenge, and something beyond revenge.

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I live in South Yorkshire. I left school when I was fifteen to work in general labouring jobs. Whatever else I was doing, I was always writing poems, short stories, novels.
I was encouraged to write while at school by two teachers, Mrs Tooth and Miss Stafford. Taking their advice has given me endless hours of pleasure. I also enjoy walking, gardening, eating out, real ale and music.