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Blade of Lies

Kaja L'orange

He looked intrigued, almost like he enjoyed it. As I pressed the dagger a little further into his skin, increasing the pressure to see him sweat, his grin only grew. He thought this was funny.

The land of Arwynn had won the last war against Morwynn, leaving its people living under the cruel hand of King Voorhis and the powerful Lord Engar, who ‘kindly' took in the children left without parents.
Cora's life in the orphanage was one of fear, submission and cruel beatings. After one such horrific whipping too many, and the discovery of a shattering betrayal, she sets out on a mission to find out the truth about her parents, and why she has ended up so desperate and unloved.
Consumed with thoughts of retribution, Cora seeks the help of Prince Severin, an arrogant but charming adversary who is facing an oncoming war. But who can she really trust?
Will Cora discover the truth or will the need for revenge take control of everything?


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Kaja L'orange has always dreamed about being an author since she was little, loving to write made-up stories any chance she got. Any assignment from school where you could be creative, she jumped on it, even if she struggled. Growing up with dyslexia she never thought she had a chance, but she never stopped reading and writing, falling in love with it more and more over the years. She improved and never lost hope; she would not let it destroy her dream of one day being an author.