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Pippa Bartolotti

Barwin and her grandmother are living hand to mouth in a post-apocalyptic world where scavenging is the only means of survival. Capitalism, overconsumption of natural resources along with the ceaseless pursuit of profit by multinational corporations, at the expense of the natural world, have finally caught up with humankind. To top it off, millions have perished in the onslaught of the highly contagious Mallavirus. For Barwin and others who understand why the planet is finally taking its revenge, there is hope, albeit small, that they can be a part of a new beginning where respect for the earth and all its living inhabitants is at its core. In her struggle to survive, Barwin meets people who fill her with hope and love for all living things, as well as those who inflict pain and fear in their attempts to control and dominate.

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Pippa Bartolotti has been writing her whole life. An enthusiastic letter writer as a child, she soon made human rights and climate change her specialist subjects. She has been a successful business entrepreneur, Green Party Leader in Wales and extensive traveler. She is now intent on committing her vast store of knowledge into readable fiction. Barbarian is her fifth book.