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Curse of the Raven

Omer M Shurkian

In 1821, the Turkish viceroy in Egypt invaded Sudan to exploit the country's natural and human resources. The Turkish Governor of Kordofan Province engaged in barbaric campaigns to enslave the ethnic Nuba in the province. Tragically enough, two young sisters were snatched from their family home in the heart of the Nuba Mountains and trekked to the provincial capital, al-Obeid; their treacherous journey ended up in Cairo, Egypt, as slaves. Their heartbreaking plight is narrated by a German adventurer, who has met them in Cairo. After spending two years in Sudan and armed with a gruesome report on slavery, the German traveller returned to Cairo, and persevered to persuade the viceroy and the British Consul to put an end to slave raids in Sudan. He returned home badly frustrated, for there was nothing in his capacity to do in order to save human lives in Kordofan Province.

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Dr Omer M Shurkian is a Sudanese-British citizen who is the author of several books on Sudan, including War in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan (1983-2011). He writes in both Arabic and English languages and has participated in a number of conferences within the UK and overseas to draw public attention to what is, for most outsiders, a largely unpublicised issue in world politics. He was granted a Passport for Freedom by the European Union in Strasbourg, France, in December 2011, for his tireless involvement in anti-Government campaigns for its horrific record on human rights violations against its opponents in Sudan.