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The Life of One Curious Little Bee

Olga Scott

Bea is a sweet, curious little bee, who wants to know everything. While learning from her older sisters how to be a good bee, Bea makes some unusual friends and discovers the special powers she has. The little bee is even allowed the greatest honour - to meet the most treasured and protected member of The Hive.
Bea discovers many things on her journey: the essential role that bees play in their forest community, the true meaning of friendship and her own very special purpose. But the biggest surprise is awaiting for her as she wakes from her sleep one day - and it's something she couldn't imagine even in her most daring fantasies...

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Olga Scott is an experienced writer, communications and sustainability specialist, who is passionate about animals, nature and the environment. Along with her husband, Olga lives with two house bunnies, who provide her with endless inspiration, entertainment, and, when in good mood, lots of fluffy cuddles.