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TRANSCENDING LIMITATION How to Start Where You Are and Create Your New World

Jennifer Lauren

Jennifer's son, Ethan, was born with the neurological disorder, spina bifida. The idea of a ‘miraculous healing' was unheard of in the medical community so they set out to challenge the dismal diagnosis Ethan had been given from the start. As Jennifer states, Ethan taught her ‘to put down my sword and warrior up by being the change that I wanted out there'. This book is about the ‘true power' that comes from within and how to free yourself from your own limitations through compassion and love.

After countless hours spent at doctors' appointments and researching alternative therapies, Jennifer begins to understand that it is her sense of ‘knowing' that inspires self-evolution for both herself and her son, now a para-athlete. Through curiosity and questioning, they slowly but surely find another way.

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Jennifer grew up in a family filled with conflict and rage. Early in life, she escaped and went on to earn degrees in the sciences, eventually earning a master's degree in occupational therapy. Her real work began with the birth of her children. Becoming a mother was the most transformational thing she had ever done. This was her life's work. She shifted her life and became an ordained minister teaching the ways of self-healing and evolution from within. It was through the work of her inner self that she realized her outer world and transformed life into the miraculous. She spends her life living her dream: traveling and teaching to help others start where they are and transcend their own limitations.