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The Undoing of Everything

Bark Eurich

Dogs don't need to be trained how to think or act like dogs, they do it naturally all by themselves, and have done so for tens of thousands of years.

Whether today we modern humans choose to understand them or not can only ever be down to each of us as individuals. But a reward for taking the time to understand just how to be at one with our closest link with nature, is that in getting to know them, you get to know a better version of you too.

This little book gives an insight into the power dogs have to bring peace into our lives, explains where harmonious canine human relationships begin and end, and lays the foundation for the first vital steps on what for anybody, can be a life changing journey.

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By the time I'd reached my mid-forties I had become really quite good at being me, but then I began to study canine psychology.

A dog whisperer now for the past decade or so, in writing this book, my hope is to share a light with you that found me when I was completely lost, in the darkest place I've ever been to.