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The Baghdad Cookbook

Alan Boyd with Robbie Stevenson & Scott Grieg

This is a powerful book that beautifully describes the tension, bravery, and honour of security contractors working and living in the most dangerous area on earth at the time: Iraq.
Added to the action-packed and hair-raising danger of the authors' work as security operators(PSDS), CPOs, guards or transport workers in Iraq are the delightful recipes created by the contractors themselves and enjoyed during downtime.
This book is a look into the window of a security contractor's daily life in Iraq, where every day could easily be their last, yet it is not a grim book, but one filled with camaraderie, hope, humour and courage. This is a beautiful tribute to all who serve or have served in the military.
You will have to try every recipe! They all look absolutely delicious.

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Alan ‘Al' Boyd was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1962 where he remained until he was seventeen years old. In 1979, he joined the Royal Marines serving with them until 2003. In 1982, Alan deployed with 45 Commando RM during the Falkland Islands War and saw further deployments to: Hong Kong during the period of handover in 1997, Granada, Norway, Northern Ireland and the Caribbean. He specialised as both a Ships Marine, Coxswain and Clearance Diver on multiple Royal Navy vessels.
In 2004, Alan moved into the private security sector working in the Middle East as a Team Leader for multiple international companies and clients. In 2008, Alan received special thanks from the US Army for assisting in a military road traffic accident, after a main battle tank had overturned during operations. Alan's security team were the closest supporting asset to the accident, who secured the tank and assisted with the wounded until recovery arrived.
After working in the Middle East, Alan returned home to his family and his beloved Scotland. In 2012, he was diagnosed with leukaemia and spent the next twelve months in chemotherapy at the Nine Wells Hospital in Dundee, before passing away at home on July 12th, 2013.
This is Alan's first and only book...

Robbie Stevenson was born in Portsmouth in 1969 and moved extensively around the globe before he turned fifteen years old. In 1986, he joined the Royal Marines serving with 45 Commando RM, 3 Co