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Ripples in the Pond

Paul Harman

Every year, thousands of little children are snatched from their families, brutally raped and murdered, or thrown to the savagery of the sex trade, abused and destroyed.

The ripples are the knock-on effect of the terror and the anguish felt by these families, their humiliation, degradation and despair.

Once, and only once, in a hundred blue moons does a story about a miraculous and heroic fight back occur.

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I live Down Under, in the Land of Plenty, retired and never been so busy.
I try very hard to be at peace with myself but Life seems to just get in the way sometimes.
I believe that although Earth itself be perfection, none that walk upon it be perfect and Karma has her own unique way of dealing with kindness and misdeeds.
I live every day as though it were my last, for one day it will be. Don't watch TV, have no political or religious bias, refuse to live in fear and what anybody thinks of me is none of my business.