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Reaching the Heights: The Trail Above

Tony Woods

He was known only as Friend. Responding to God's invitation, he was told, "Follow the trail, for there you will find Me."

Loaded with only a few essentials, Friend set out. Obedience soon cost him nearly everything he held dear: family, friends, even creatures from demonic realms seemed determined to convince him to give up the quest.

But, as the weeks turned into years, he discovered a world more precious than he could have ever imagined. Now, with a lifetime of service behind him, Friend meets the angel called Jake. "Go to the summit of the mountain before you," Jake tells him. "There you will find at last the end of the trail."

Reaching the Heights is a story that unfolds on two levels. First, it is simply about a man and his wife on a backpack trip. On a deeper level, the allegory appears, where anyone may see themselves. Come along and discover the joy in the journey.

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Meet Tony and Marsha Woods.

After a forty-year career as missionaries, Tony and Marsha have settled Down Under to be near kids and grandkids. "Life is a journey," they insist, and their travels have taken them to ministries in three African countries, Hong Kong, Thailand and Australia. Most of their time, however, was spent in Japan, where they raised three children and buried one.

Many of their books reflect life on the trail. In River Crossings, Marsha provides a personal glimpse of a missionary wife and mother. Looking for a Lamb chronicles the death of their firstborn son to leukemia. In Anagaion (Greek for Upper Room), new Christians and seekers are shown the essentials of faith, and in Weaving Sunlight, Marsha and Tony tie all of that and more together into a beautiful tapestry of two lives lived for Him.