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My Psychic Life

Marianne Green

This book delves deep into the paranormal world as seen and experienced by Marianne, an extraordinarily psychic individual. She shares her astonishing and humbling eye witness encounters with those from a spiritual energy dimension close to our own Earth plane.

Marianne describes her unusual paranormal upbringing and later development as a well-known psychic-medium. She introduces her intuitively gifted maternal grandmother, Amelia, who used to have all manner of folk knocking on her sturdy oak front door, all hoping to experience one of her uncannily accurate psychic readings.

Marianne felt gripped to take you into the world of spirit and share her inexplicable and humbling contact with those from the 'Other Side.'


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I was born during England's post-war years in a suburban Surrey cottage, flanked by the beauty of purple and lavender rhododendron bushes. Adjacent were several acres of woodland where undetonated World War II bombs were purported to be buried although, thankfully, none were ever actually discovered.

I have always had a huge passion for the spiritual side of life and later developed as a paranormal psychic reader, meeting and reading for those from all walks of life.

Fascinating and humbling evidence of a vast spiritual energy dimension has come to light which, hopefully, may give some comfort to the bereaved and anyone who has pondered what, if anything, might lay ahead once their earthly journey is complete.