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Mamils Behaving Badly

Aiden Heke

In 2009, five friends cycled from London to Paris for a worthy cause, unwittingly starting them on a path of bipedal enlightenment and adventure. Nearly seven thousand kilometres and ten years later, they have seen most of France, Italy and Northern Spain, rediscovering the joy of good, clean fun. While many of us enter middle age with some trepidation in anticipation of physical and mental decline, the Whiskey Boys Cycle Club roared into it with the often-reckless abandon of teenagers. From dubious cycling stimulants to outrageous evenings in some of the most historic cities in the world, the WBCC left no stone unturned in the never-ending quest to never grow up and to suck the marrow from life one week a year. Enjoy the scale and spectacle of Europe from the discomfort of a cycle seat and chuckle at Middle-Aged Men in Lycra Behaving Badly.

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Aiden is a first-time author, if you ignore the short story printed in Cyclist, grossly exaggerating his exploits at the Milan San Remo Gran Fondo, in 2007. He is an avid multi-sport participant and adventurer with a knack for getting into and out of scrapes. He has competed in many running, cycling and triathlon events and maintains any ailment can be remedied with a ride on a bike.